Thank you for visiting our Bay Area Surf 2021/22 tryouts page! Surf tryouts will begin May 10th, 2021.

Bay Area Surf is the competitive elite group of team/players representing the Surf Regional Clubs. Bay Area Surf is selective, focuses on the individual player, and requires multiple training sessions per week.

Participation in Bay Area Surf’s program requires:

  • A promotion (Regional Surf Club) or an invitation (Elite Player Evaluation) 
  • An individual player assessment
  • The purchasing of the Bay Area Surf full kit.
  • Acceptance of the monthly training tuition. (11 month commitment)*
  • **More information coming soon!

*Bay Area Surf reserves the right to adjust the value of above stated tuition and administrative dues at any time. In the event either are changed, the adjustment will not supersede any tuition or dues under an existing seasonal contract, but will rather adjust upon renewal.

Interested in attending? Please visit one of our Regional Surf Clubs tryout links below or fill out our Elite Player Evaluation Form (CLICK HERE)

  • Bay Area Surf Elite Player Evaluation Form: CLICK HERE
  • LFC International Academy – Bay Area Tryout Registration Link: CLICK HERE
  • Peninsula Surf Tryout Registration Link: CLICK HERE
  • San Jose Surf Tryout Registration Link: CLICK HERE
  • Monterey Surf Tryout Registration Link: CLICK HERE

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!


Heath Piper