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Financial Commitment / Refund Policy

Bay Area Surf incurs costs each time a player registers to play soccer (administrative, staff, fields, insurance, etc.). These costs increase over time, so the club WILL NOT refund any of the club and registration fees. Each parent is required to acknowledge this responsibility commitment to pay for the entire amount (in installments, if desired) of club and registration fees. Our refund policy is very strict as a player’s acceptance has the effect of denying another player an opportunity to play on a Bay Area Surf team.


Club and team fees become the responsibility of each team member and their family at the time they accept a position on a Bay Area Surf team - elite, academy, or junior-academy. Injury, family relocation, or call-up situations may occur, but don’t alter the responsibility of a family to meet their financial commitment to their original team. In order to protect the financial stability of each elite/academy team and the club, fees are not subject to refunds.


Extenuating Circumstances (applies to all teams)  

We understand that a player's circumstances may change over the course of a season. Refunds will be considered only in extreme circumstances for the following reasons:

  1. A player’s family is relocated out of the playing area, beyond reasonable commuting distance (reasonable to be determined by Bay Area Surf): a partial refund (prorated amount) of registration fees plus $50 processing fee may be issued. Bay Area Surf will retain the club fee ($395) and a prorated registration fee based on weeks in program prior to relocation. 

  2. A player becomes seriously ill or injured and cannot participate for the remainder of the season: a partial refund (prorated amount) of registration fees will be issued. Bay Area Surf will retain a prorated registration fee based on weeks in program prior to injury and the $395 (non-refundable Club Fee). Appropriate documentation from a non-parent medical professional indicating the start and end date of when the player is unable to play must be provided. 


Refund Request Procedure:

All requests for refunds must be sent via email to, indicating your intent to withdraw, the specific reason, and any required supporting documentation. Verbal requests and/or notifications outside of this procedure will not be accepted. The time and date of the email to will be indicative of whether or not you are eligible for a refund. 


Please Note: The date of withdrawal notification to the club affects the refund amount that may be considered.




Bay Area Surf Administration

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