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There is a ton of talent out there, and lot of clubs to some good things, but what separates FC Bay Area area players from the rest is we know we are getting players that 

  1. Not on technically proficient because this UCLA your not coming here if your not

  2. Mentally ready and this is a huge factor! 

    • Are they ready to leave home

    • Ready to travel

    • To they know to prepare themselves

    • Do they know to take care of their bodies

    • Rest and recover

    • Manage time

    • Travel well. Your team traveling procedures I know are probably better than ours. That is important. 

    • Get along will others or cause problems in groups settings

  3. Do they understand video work and scouting

  4. Leadership and culture building 

  5. How do their parents behave on the sidelines. Yes, we watch that. We dont want to have parental problems coming with the players. 

  6. How do their coaches behave on the sidelines. 


We know when we are recruiting a player from your program we are getting a player that is ready for the next level. We know they will ready the minute they get here to contribute on the field and off because at this level in the ACC and at DUKE it comes a hand in hand.  You can't just be a good footballer. He have to be an all round student athlete, and the care and the development that your program puts into teaching players how to travel as a team, study, rest, recovery eat well, bond as a club. Man that's is huge. Nobody does it like you guys and I mean that!


Marieke Laurens & Megan McCormick

US Soccer Head Scout

At the US Soccer DA Directors meeting discussing with the nations DOC's about our programming and what makes our program so special. From the culture of not having teams and the way we travel no parents just teams, and how the prepares our players for the next level. 

Screenshot 2022-09-21 at 9.38.30 AM.png

Tracey Kevins
U15 U17 & U20

It is critical that players are ready at mentally for this environment.  there so many players that don't get the opportunity because they are just not ready for it. We know at US Soccer that is never a question about your players. They know are prepared for this environment and that is so important, clubs just don't understand that. You guys get it. 

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